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Here is an insight into how our production process works:
1. Food Preparation

Wash vegetables and put in the appropriate machine for chopping, peeling, shredding or slicing into the right size. If the vegetables are cut manually, chopping boards used are different to that of meat cutting boards.

2. Cooking

Some of the vegetables are boiled and the remaining vegetables are added later at the correct time. During this process, herbs and spices are added at the appropriate times. When this process is complete, it is ready to be cooled down.
3. Cooling Down

After cooking, the mixture is transferred into aluminium cooling trays. These trays are put into a Blast Chiller which will rapidly bring the temperature down to 5degC or below. The mixture is then covered with cling film and put into a cold room.

4. Freezing Process

The mixture is then filled in to pastry pockets. Pocket shape and size depends on the product being produced. Each pocket is sealed and put into an aluminium tray and when the tray is full, it is put into the blast freezer. The temperature is bought down to -18degC or below and then the trays are put into a Freezer room until they are ready to be packed.
5. Packaging

The items are packed into food bags and then put into boxes of various sizes. Each box is then labelled with the name and use by date. Boxes are finally put into freezer room for storage and ready for distribution.
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