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Delhicious Foods was formed from very humble beginnings in 1994. It was formed by a husband and wife team, Kanwal and Vicky Sabherwal, whose idea was simple. They focused on their food to have a home made quality to it, which has served them well over the years.

All recipes were obtained from Vicky’s extensive knowledge of food but the idea to form this business was an accident. Kanwal and Vicky had many parties at home with Vicky making all the food. With the response the food was getting, they thought they could turn it into a real business. With Kanwal’s business knowledge and Vicky’s exciting recipes, they formed Delhicious Foods.

Delhicious Foods started out from a kitchen in the Sabherwal family home in Buckinghamshire but as their popularity spread, as did the need for a bigger kitchen. In 1996, production was moved to a unit in west London, which was further expanded when they took on the next door unit a few years later.

Delhicious Foods was a sole trader until 2002, when it became Delhicious Foods Ltd. Since then it has grown into a very successful company and has had dealings with some big caterers, airlines, hotels and supermarkets.

A full range of authentic traditional Indian snack foods are available from Delhicious Foods and they continue to come up with new and innovative products for the general consumer. With these new ideas, Delhicious Foods look to expand their name into other markets and continue to grow.

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